What a difference a day makes! Sunshine, light breeze and enough time to head to the coast for a swim! It was like taking a first fresh breath after struggling in smog for months. I had wondered how the bod minus channel chub would handle and it was so obedient! Within 10mins I could feel the metabolism revving up and after 30mins I could feel the slight warmth coming from the water. Sure sign I’m comfortable.
Huge thanks to Erin for ditching her plans for a sunny walk to come with. Although she was wetsuited up, it meant that I didn’t have to worry about her getting cold; and as I swim a fair bit faster, I could swim rings around her line if I needed to, but in fact, I lay on my back and enjoyed being buoyed and lilted; pootled and thoroughly indulged myself. We swam for about an hour and 20mins and I barely shivered! It all came flooding back; given that I last swam in 26’c sea!
The exit from the water was less than gracious- Porlock weir is rocky and benumbed feet are not steady, but we giggled our way up to our things and partook of a delightful luncheon…..It all felt decidedly continental (apart from the 13’c water)!
Aaaaaaaaah. (When can I go again?)