Whilst in New Zealand i was thrilled to be asked to go to Ladbrook primary school to give a talk where the kids were doing an adventure and exploration module. It was an awesome morning, and the children were alive with their own adventures and lives.

I got an email out of the blue a months later from one of the girls, Amy, who was moved to bars her work on me! Wow! She wanted to present her work on an adventurer in poem from- so here it is!

She swims with thousands of meters below,
She is safe mosf of the time, but sometimes no.
She has faced hundreds of jelly fish and one shark,
But she will stil plan a journey and no matter what still embark.

When she was ten she got Glandular Fever,
But no she wasn’t a quitter or a leaver.
She promised herself if she ever moves again,
She would be brave and just take the pain.

So that she could persue her dreams,
No matter how impossible it seems.
When she was in her teens she started to move once more,
Which would have been an amazing feeling for her.

But no it was not to late,
Because since then she has started the Ocean7 and swum the Cook Straight


24 hours is her longest swim,
Which she couldn’t of done with out her son Dylan.
Beth is such an inparation the was she slices through the water like a knife,
And as she quoted ” I beleive that we need to build a bridge between our dreams and our daily life”.
Amy Thornley