OK, so I decided to post tonight’s pool swim session to keep a reminder of some proper training (as opposed to just paddling out the time) and in the past, I’ve not really enjoyed the experience much….But tonight I really got my teeth into it and beasted out the sets, really pushed into the sprints and went for it. Grrrrrrrr

So, after a hard day’s massaging- 4back to back, 1/2hr lunch then another 3back to back massages, 1hr at home, I headed to the pool.

200m medium paced front crawl warm up

then stroke improvement sets-
8x50m FC (front crawl) kick only; rest for 20secs between each 50m
4x100m FC arms only; every other 100m use resistance paddles; rest 20secs between sets
500m FC swim steady hard pace

into workout proper sets (cardio and lung stress)
4x100m kick only hard pace; rest 10secs between sets
8x50m arms only hard pace; every other 50m use resistance paddles, rest 10secs between sets

8x25m FC swim SPRINTS rest 30secs each 25m

50M butterfly swim
50m fly kick only
50m fly arms only
50m fly swim

200m front crawl swim down, medium pace

Don’t try this at home kids….