SO, the English Channel, La Manche; a 22mile expanse of choppy, dirty, cold, highly tidal, strong current-affected, temperamental-weathered water – the busiest shipping lane on Earth. And I’m going to swim it. The whole of it. On my own (support boat not withstanding). Yes, for those sailors and geography sudents, I am aware that geographically, it is only 19miles, but the 2 nearest points to be able to swim from and to are 22 miles apart. That is without the current which, depending on the strength of your stroke and speed, can add 6 or so miles to your course.

They say you must be prepared to swim for 20 hours. Without insulation, without flotation device, without touching the boat at all. And still this has not put me off. I want to walk into the water in England and walk out in France. The world record is an astonishing 7 1/2 hours. That’s phenomenal. I want to complete, not compete. The average swim takes 12 1/2 hours, but over 30% don’t even make that far off shore line. A few have even died trying. They sat it is the Mount Everest of swimming challenges.

I say, if you’re gonna set yourself a target, make it one worth aiming for.