Wow- it’s weird to see yourself on TV! Thanks to all who heloed me across the Kaiwi- awesome people all. Thanks to Kenji for the amazing (and generous) portrayal. i can treasure it forever.

I wanted to squeeze onto the Gibralatar strait swim list, but missed out this year. I’m kinda bummed as that would have been a lovely one to tackle- speed training was looking like a fun challenge….I must be mad a read that again sometime….. did I really just think/write it? Anyhow, looking at the Catalina channel, but need to get sponsored for it as my self funded 2 swims last year have stretched my expendible income to the max. I’ve got a bit of time, but am taking fundraising advice from all quarters. Thanks Anna and Martin particularly. Definitely worthy nuggets of wisdom.

Lets get busy with the next big thing!