Hmmm, just a touch stiff! I’ll write a complete run down when I’ve a little more brain power. I feel surprisingly spritely, all things considered. I have a very stiff right ankle and my right shoulder is trying to seize up. I know what happened to my right arm- I had my juice bottles tied to string so I could drink then just let the crew pull it in, but I had some bottles of flat lucozade for a quick hit- these were not tied…my bad.

After about 9hrs swimming, I launched the bottled weighing about 300g with my tired right arm at the deck and felt something ping in my bicep….thought I could swim through it but after about another hour, realised it was more of a tear than a tightness. It spread to my deltoid then started to tighten the joint. I ended up developing a new swim stroke (very un-pc) called the gimpy roll. I used my waist and ribs to launch my right arm up above my head. I lost the strength in it after about 12hrs swimming so used my poor left arm to keep me going. So that’s a touch sore today.
Otherwise I feel pretty darned good.

Dyl has been an utter star, looking after mummy all day- as have my trouping team, Byron, Julie and April- all of whom I could not have done this without. I am soooooooooooooooooo grateful to each of them, as well as the pilot and second;Paul and Ray. They were awesome.

I’ll let you know what it’s like to swim to France soon….