Topics include:

Becoming your own hero | The different faces of triumph | Love your body for what it can do | Body confidence | Exploring possibilities | Time, health and goal management | Mindfulness and adventure | Women in the outdoors

Motivation and inspiration can’t be bought, but they can be created. Beth’s unique approach comes from having a less than ordinary life. Her vibrant flair for communication and engaging manner makes her an effective motivator and inspiring speaker. From 10 minutes to an hour long presentation, school workshops to after dinner speaking: Beth’s passion is evident and contagious. Her down to earth, direct methods have a profound result on her audience.

Beth is passionate about our inherent ability to go beyond our preconceived boundaries. Her journey through debilitating ill health to forging her way across channels is rendered in accessible and engaging terms. Not just a story for athletes, becoming your own hero and challenging your own limitations is something for everyone of all ages to relate to.

She spent 8 years traveling the world and learning from holistic teachers, including spending a year ordained in a Thai monastery and studying intensive forms of meditation. She is available to speak about her swimming endeavours, inspiring yourself or many aspects of health and well-being and is keen to encourage youngsters to live life to the fullest. She is well versed in speaking to individuals or groups and has run many successful courses and workshops.

Google HQ Inspire Movement Event 2017

Previous engagements:

Finisterre, Covent Garden (London) & Bristol

“As surfers, we like to think we’ve clocked a fair amount of time in the water… Beth is fast giving us a run for our money.

We have had the pleasure of sitting and listening in awe of this woman and her daring feats twice now, safe to say we’re big fans of her work.

Embodying a level of humility that can only be gained from the trials of her early life, this incredible woman of the water continues to inspire across the board; from a love and respect for the oceans to the possibilities of human achievement should we truly set out minds to something.”

Lawrence Stafford, Community Brand Manager, Finisterre.

Women’s Adventure Expo, Bristol – April 2017

Rebecca Hughes, Co-Founder

The Inspire Movement, Google HQ, London – January 2017

“Beth brought energy and life to The Inspire Movement stage. Her presence is charismatic, fun, lively, and most importantly, genuine. We were thrilled to have her join us in between her epic swims!”

Nancy Fechnay, Founder & Chief Inspirer

RAC, Pall Mall, Swim Club Christmas Gala – December 2014

“Thank you so much for coming last night and for giving an amazing speech!!! As I said afterwards – it was very motivating and we all really enjoyed hearing your story and getting to know you. THANK YOU so much again!!!!”

Swim Club Chairperson

The Federation of Small Businesses, South West AGM – December 2016

John Holden