As a busty woman, swimsuits have historically been a bit of a nightmare to find one that keeps my dignity intact whilst not covering me from head to toe. I have been down the road of bra-sized underwired cozzies, but the drag they cause and the restriction for endurance is a bind, they are also less stretchy in general and aren’t, forgive the vanity, much fun to look at.

I have discovered the secret that the back shape can sort out all manner of sins. And now I have a multitude of colours and styles at my finger tips. High on my list of fun cozzies is this one from Simplyswim-


WHAAAAM! I love the comic strip style pattern and bright primary colours. And the crossfit back was an experiment that I am thrilled with. Medal back and muscle backs are also winners for buxom wenches that are not so big across the back. The thin shoulder straps and open back feel like I am not enclosed and I can enjoy the feel of water on my skin, and total freedom of movement over long swims.

The fit was generous in all the right places and I felt comfortable taking it out on a long trip in the sea. So pleased I have found as  another avenue to glean fab attire from.