Channel Vision

Local resident, Beth French, is swimming the 22miles to France in July next year as a fulfilment of a lifelong ambition- one that was scuppered at the age of 17 when she was reduced to life in a wheelchair. She was retrospectively diagnosed with ME- a much maligned and misunderstood syndrome that leaves sufferers with debilitating exhaustion and impaired immunity among other symptoms.
She has since made a remarkable full recovery and is well on her way to achieve her goal. She completed her qualifying swim – minimum 6hrs in under 16 degree water without a wetsuit or stopping swimming from Lyme Regis to Charmouth and back; and swam 11miles Monday 3rd Oct in 5hrs 36mins:half way to France! She is swimming in order to raise awareness of the serious nature of ME and the still high levels of ignorance surrounding it- but also to give hope and inspire those still suffering that there is hope and life beyond it.
“I’ve always been drawn to ocean swimming and the desire to swim the channel helped me through the hellish time I was in the wheel chair; and now, that time helps me when I am swimming long distance as I know I can overcome huge odds to achieve the things I strive for. I want others to know it’s worth keeping on trying and dreaming, even at your lowest.”
She is looking for sponsorship to help her on her way and is happy to talk about her endeavours and provide updates on her progress- which can also be found on her You can contact Beth on xxxxxxxxxx to find out more.