On a blustery Christmas Day, going for a constitutional dip, in the UK requires some forethought. A good flask of hot chocolate, some cake and a good dose of fun all essential items. And some way to keep your kit dry waiting for you when you return is the icing on the Christmas cake. I have resorted to black bin bags, but I don’t like plastic bags at the best of times and live in fear of someone carting my stuff away in a fit of community clearing. I like to have my stuff closer than the car, often quite a walk away- and reducing time from exiting water to warm clothes is vital to being able to enjoy the water for longer.

The Orca water proof dry bag/backpack is a brilliant bit of kit that is such a good combination of form and function. It looks super cool- a Bat-bag to be proud of. It does what it says on the tin- its a dry bag which is easy to stuff your kit in and retrieve it out without fiddly zips. I can strap the soggy cozzie to the outside with the handy bungy, or in the side pocket. The water proof side pocket is perfect for phone and keys, or said flask of warm malty chocolatey goodness.

It’s got loads of features that are no nonsense and workable and the whole thing feels pretty good as a back pack- not often easy to achieve- so hiking with it to a far flung tarn in any weather won’t make me bat an eyelid any more. I loved the video intro to the bag which you can watch here – handy without being patronising. I actually got more out of my new bag for having watched it….

I look forward to seeing where in the world me n my bag will go! Well worth a visit to Simply Swim and explore the mammoth range of goodies to supplement your kit bag… or indeed for your kit bag itself.