I’m really excited – in a month to the day, I’ll be donning my wetsuit and hitting the waves to test run swimming in company. My friend Carol put me in touch with a colleague who must be nuts as they are willing to give up their days off work to support a stranger as they swim their way to hypothermia! I’m exceedingly grateful; and the wetsuit is to avoid the hypothermia getting in the way. Thought I’d ease us both in to the idea first. It also means I get a longer swim.

I’ve got a 10k swimathon tomorrow -I’m looking forwards to that as I’ve found out I’m not going to be doing it alone – not that that part is the nice bit. I prefer to swim alone, but it will be a challenge for me to stick to my swim with other people in the lane.

It is starting to feel real this year. I got my thermos flasks and space blankets through the post, more anti-cold weapons. And now I’ve actually spoken to Neil, I am more confident that I can start to stretch myself. I’ve also started to accrue remedies and supplements to stave off viruses and keep me pumped with nutrients. It’s fairly mind boggling and this is supposedly my ‘world.’ Co-Q10 or glucosamine, multivits or specifics? And what the hell is recovery powder anyway? I like the advice my mate Jo gave me – crazy Ironman/woman/person – ‘ if you fuel right in the event, you don’t need recovery.’ How true. Better start packing on the pounds though -I need blubber. The only parts of me that have grown are my shoulders, making all my tops cut me in the armpits and my boobs – very unfair as my tops now bulge as well as armpit cut! New bras, and that better stop, or I won’t be able to swim face down! At least I won’t drown…