With many thanks to Tom at S&X, Speedo’s pr peeps, I’ve been trialling some kit. The swimsuit in question- endurance+ was already in my kit bag, and the racer back style I was kindly given proved somewhat lacking in boob room so I reverted to my pimped up version- I bought a 36″ (don’t know the style, but not a racer back) which would otherwise be too big for me and altered the straps at the back( cut out over 3″ of them and reattached them so they kept me adequately covered)- for the trial.

To be honest, the trial was a pleasure- to have the excuse to jump in as often as possible, twice on some days, just for the heck of it. And I fell in love with my then-back up suit for real.

I bought the suit as the feel of the fabric is instantly comfortable- like a well worn favourite straight away. And light! no restriction at all- usually I buy my cozzies by bra size and they tend to be made from much heavier weight fabric that is designed to hold you in which is annoying until the suit relaxes. the Endurance+ more thank held it’s own- it survived way beyond the trial 20 swims and is still going strong- no snags, no sags, no fading or discolouration. And due to the lightness of the fabric, it dried in miraculous time. Practically drip dried. No soggy second swims! Loved it!

As far as goggles go- I was given the general unisex training goggles and ergonomically designed female ones. To be honest, goggle fits are so personal and I am a firm beleiver in Speedo Pacific Storm. They were my goggles of choice for both my channels. No leaks, no adjustment and were comfy ofr over 24hrs! Can’t get better than that! They fit me right and I haven’t found a better fit for me.