So, my mission to man up on the publicity side of my endeavours has thus far been going great guns! Been on 10radio, got an interview tomorrow on bbc somerset, been in the wivey messenger, article coming out in the county gazette, got promo blogs on radio scilly,, uk sponsorship database and am still going strong! My mind is somewhat of a blur, taking in all this new information…

Self promotion has always been a thorn in my side.  But new year, for me, is a perfect chance for some life laundry. Looking back over what I’ve achieved and how I can improve. Getting a swim sponsored is one thing that would revolutionise  my life, so that is what I chose to focus on. It encompasses a lot of what I failed to embrace during the run up to the English Channel. I shied away from asking for money, too awkward, and got a couple of rejection letters from companies and became disheartened. True, it was my first swim so I was green and unheard of, but I’m in a far better place now.

I discovered crowd funding and am really excited to be trying it out as a platform- I don’t have to rely on sponsor forms, which always feels  a little like begging, and i get to give back so it feels more like a business. Coming up with the rewards was fun, costing stuff and giving myself a timeframe really helps target things and i can promote the crowdfunder not myself. Yeah, i know, a tenuous difference, but its working. And the gap between talking up the crowdfunder and myself is getting closer all the time.  People’s response to the project is truly building my confidence in the fab thing that I’m attempting.

Please check out my crowdfunder site- spreading the word is as useful as pledging yourself. I need help to get this thing going and everyone can be a part of this Scilly swim. It goes live on the 28th jan 2014.