Beth holds a World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) open water swim coach certificate and is a lapsed RLSS NBLQ Beach Lifeguard and Surf Rescue card holder. She has also worked as a physical therapist specialising in functional kinetics for nearly 20 years.

Water Confidence Training

For many, the ocean is a scary prospect- natural fear of the unknown, being out of your depth and the moving nature of the sea can be overwhelming and a limiting factor on your enjoyment of our beautiful coast. Beth’s infectious love of the sea and easy confidence, combined with her lifeguard skills can help you get more out of this glorious resource. Whatever your level of swimming, Beth can help guide you towards being a happy paddler, safe floater or confident off shore beach cruiser!

For those who don’t want their fear to pass on to their families- and are fed up with sitting ashore while others splash happily about……. Take it at your pace and find your water feet. Based in the South West, Beth can help introduce you to some wonderful spots to tempt you in.

“Swimming open water with Beth has really built my confidence. Beth has helped me to believe in myself and my swimming so much so that I was able to swim the River Dart 10k last year and am now thinking about an English Channel relay.

I am pleased with what I have achieved- further than I have ever swum before. Well done for all you do, quietly inspiring others. Massive thank you for all your support. I feel I pushed myself and now have more strength to make more of life.”

S Porter


For individual or small group training sessions, whether you want to practice sighting or buoy turns, stroke improvement or stamina training, or just master swimming in open water, Beth brings a wealth of experience dealing with currents, waves and navigation. Safety briefing and session target setting to best meet your needs.

Using her knowledge of functional kinetics over the last decade working in physical therapy, Beth is well placed to iron out the kinks in your stroke and make your swimming more efficient. Her Channel swimming track record gives her a unique insight into the mental and physical challenges facing open water swimmers.

Contact her for details of individual sessions and targeted programs.

“A year and a half ago I had a discussion with Beth regarding swimming the English channel. 

She has been my coach ever since, incorporating gym and swim sessions, acclimatisation swims and night swims. She has helped with nutritional programs and setting the mind to be able to take on such a challenge.

My swim date is yet to be confirmed but week of 30 June to 8 July is the week it should be taking place and I am ready!”

Lorraine Ayres

“Beth is very knowledgeable when it comes to anything swimming related: techniques, nutrition, before and after swim care, sea conditions, tides and much more. She directs a swim very well in the sea- if she isn’t there, I tend to swim all over the place. Beth is always very aware of how I’m doing in the water. She knows if I’m tiring before I feel tired and always knows when I can go further than I think I can. I feel extremely safe and we’ll looked after when I swim with Beth.

I have swum further and for longer than I ever thought I could and I now have the confidence to do short sea swims on my own because of time spent swimming with Beth.”

Erin Fairhead


Individual or small group swims with an experienced guide allow you to go further with more confidence, exploring more of our beautiful coastline. Whatever your level of swimming (see Coaching and Water Confidence Training sections) and whether you want to swim through Durdle Door or try your sea legs over a longer distance, swimming with like-minded people can really make the experience magic.

Swims range from social surf to turf; mixed ability cove exploring to intermediate groups that want to test their mettle up to 5 miles. Individuals welcome to join pre-booked groups, or make a day of it for yourself. Safety briefing provided always!

As the swim ambassador for the Scilly Swim Challenge, she also runs swim-walk experiences and cold water acclimatisation training to help you get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

 “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving Ryhs and I such a fantastic introduction to open water swimming”

Tom Roden

“I’ve always felt that I’m not good enough to really be a swimmer, especially who I see everyone else so much better than me; but Beth, despite being a fantastic swimmer, never makes me feel inferior. She has helped me realise that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy swimming.

Beth’s enthusiasm is catching and I love swimming more than ever, especially outdoors. I cannot recommend Beth highly enough as a swim guide/coach/teacher. I’m still learning from Beth and look forward to many more guided adventure swims!

Erin Fairhead