getting my equipment ready….vaseline does awful things to swimming costume fabric! Talk about saggy! Instant baggy trousers! Swam straight out to sea for an hour yesterday, into the spring tide and waves so didn’t get very far, but good resistance training. Swam over jelly fish number one- raised my head and flagged it to Byron- ‘one or a few?’ he said. One, said I…… Ahem

A couple of minutes later, I raised my head to explain that there were now lots of the blighters. Eerie. Luckily it was a very blustery day so they were below the surface by a good 6 foot, but I still felt precarious to say the least. Especially when it came time to tread water for a feed.

What was due to be 2 foot chop ended up being bigger and more forceful than chop, which made for a fun surf back in; although not as speedy as Byron reckoned as we were cutting across the current. I was a bit disappointed in my mental state- excuses….. windy, choppy, Dyl awake a lot in the night….truth: get a grip.

It was a better mind game in that the longer I’m in the water the more gets worked through and I sorted some stuff out that had been bugging me, but I was still whinging about the conditions in my head. Have to get on with it no matter what! Time and tide wait for no man.

On the positive side, almost 3 hours in not perfect conditions and barely shivering!